Rainforest Retreat

Location:  West Coast Vancouver Island

Work Completed:  Design, drafting, project administration

Contractor:  Icon Developments Ltd.


Rainforest Retreat is an off-grid retreat located near the stunning Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The project goals were to renovate the existing run down log cabin, add a main garage to house the off-grid systems and update the other small buildings on the property. The owners wanted the structures to blend in with the majestic rainforest sounding them, while keeping them easy to maintain and well protected from the coastal conditions. The Rustic Retreat, completed by Icon Developments, features a turn-key, off-grid system custom designed to give its owners more time enjoying the amazing west coast and less time maintaining the cabins. The final product blends into its surroundings seamlessly, while providing its owners with a relaxing rainforest retreat away from the big city.